VirtualToxLab™ 5.2 featuring Biographics' revolutionary 4D viewer

The VTLViewer4D™ allows to visualize the individual poses (potential binding modes) of a small molecule at the target protein's binding site. Slide 1: all poses superimposed and intensity scaled according to their Boltzmann weight. Slides 2–5: the four most prominent poses shown intensity scaled. Slide 6: as slide 1 but with hydrogen bonds (dashed, yellow lines) indicated. Slides 7–10: the four most prominent poses shown in full intensity along with the hydrogen bonds. All images are in (left-right) stereo. Of course, the viewer allows for real-time 3D manipulation (rotation, translation, zooming) along with different display and background options. The new 4D viewer is embedded in the VirtualToxLab™ 5.2 interface.

Boltzmann weights: pose 1 = 0.678, pose 2 = 0.189, pose 3 = 0.092, pose 4 = 0.032; poses 5–12: < 0.01.

See the VTLViewer4D™ in real-time 3D → here (10 MB QuickTime movie).

Trouble viewing the QuickTime movie (.mov format) under Windows or Linux? Download and install the corresponding plug-in, employ the VLC media player or try the Windows Media Video (.wmv) format → here.