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Peter Zbinden, PhD, Executive Board, Polyphor Ltd.

Board of Trustees

Martin Egli, PhD, Professor, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN, USA
Martin Smiesko, PhD, Privatdozent, University of Basel
Max Dobler, PhD, Professor emeritus, ETH Zürich † 2019
Mrs. Irène L. Hagmann † 2015


Angelo Vedani, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Basel † 2016


Since its foundation in 1997, the Biographics Laboratory has been developing computational technologies with the aim of reducing and replacing animal tests in the biomedical sciences. The laboratory is supervised by the Foundation Biographics Laboratory 3R, state authorities, and a scientific advisory board. It constitutes an alliance between ethics and biomedical sciences, where animal-based research and development is of concern. Research at the Biographics Laboratory is focused on the in silico prediction of adverse/toxic effects triggered by drugs and chemicals — the field in which the majority of discomforting animal tests is performed worldwide.