Journal of the American Chemical Society

Issue Title Authors Abstract
1998, 120, 4471–4477 Quasi-atomistic receptor surface models: A bridge between 3D-QSAR and receptor modeling Vedani, A., Dobler, M. and Zbinden, P. View
1995, 117, 4987–4994 Pseudoreceptor modeling: The construction of three-dimensional receptor surrogates Vedani, A., Zbinden, P., Snyder, J. P. and Greenidge, P. A. View
1991, 113, 5860–5862 An algorithm for the systematic solvation of proteins based on the directionality of hydrogen bonds Vedani, A. and Huhta, D. W. View
1990, 112, 4759–4767 A new force field for modeling metalloproteins Vedani, A. and Huhta, D. W. View