Molecular Informatics (formerly QSAR Journal)

Issue Title Authors Abstract
2010, 1, 27–36 Probing small-molecule binding to the liver-X receptor: A mixed-model QSAR study Spreafico, M., Smiesko, M, Peristera, O., Rossato, G. and Vedani, A. View
2002, 21, 382–390 Multidimensional QSAR: Moving from three- to five-dimensional concepts Vedani, A. and Dobler, M. View
2000, 19, 565–573 Induced fit - the key for understanding LSD activity ? A 4D–QSAR study on the 5–HT2A receptor system Streich, D., Zehnder, M. and Vedani, A. View
2000, 19, 149–161 Multi-conformational ligand representation in 4D-QSAR: Reducing the bias associated with ligand alignment Vedani, A., McMasters, D. R. and Dobler, M. View
1998, 17, 122–130 PrGen: Pseudoreceptor modeling using receptor-mediated ligand alignment and pharmacophore equilibration Zbinden, P., Dobler, M., Folkers, G. and Vedani, A. View