Toxicology Letters

Journal and Issue Title Authors Abstract
Tox. Lett. (2016), 252, 29–41. Molecular mechanisms of endocrine and metabolic disruption: An in silico study on antitrypanosomal natural products and some derivatives Hu, Z., Wahl, J., Hamburger, M. and Vedani, A. View/Download
Tox. Lett. (2015), 232, 519–532. OpenVirtualToxLab — A platform for generating and exchanging in silico toxicity data Vedani, A., Dobler, M., Hu, Z. and Smiesko, M. View/Download
Tox. Lett. (2009), 189, 219–224. Mixed-model QSAR at the human mineralocorticoid receptor: Predicting binding mode and affinity of anabolic steroids Peristera, O, Spreafico, M., Smiesko, M., Ernst, B. and Vedani, A. View
Tox. Lett. (2007), 173, 17–23. Predicting the toxic potential of drugs and chemicals in silico: A model for the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) Vedani, A., Descloux, A.-V., Spreafico, M. and Ernst, B. View