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Biographics software — Modelbuilding, Molecular Mechanics, mQSAR, Crystallography

First, please download the Biographics software license agreement → here and read it carefully. If you agree with its content, select your platform (Mac, Lnx, Win) and download the software from the section below.

Software Version Size1 Last Update
BioX 4.6 download download download2 13.5 MB Nov 8, 2014
YetiX 8.3 download download download3 24.0 MB Nov 8, 2014
QuasarX 6.1 download download download3 16.4 MB Nov 8, 2014
MoMoX 3.5 download download download3 6.6 MB Nov 8, 2014
1 including software documentation and examples
2 may no longer run under Windows 10 → download W10-compatible executable [Jan 18, 2016]
3 may no longer run under Windows 10

Fine print
· Downloading and using Biographics software implies acceptance of the corresponding license agreement 
· The Biographics software requires Java 8 (→ download) and has been optimized for Mac OS X 
· No support is available through the Biographics Laboratory 3R and no correspondence will be entertained 
· Running and employing Biographics software requires at least a basic scientific background 

Licensed Software and Services

VirtualToxLab™ — Toxicity prediction1,2


  Academia3, NPOs4 Authorities5 Industry  Documentation  Flyer 
Open VTL6 free → application free → application n/a download download
1 Client–server application (user = client, Biographics Laboratory = server)
2 Supports Mac OS X, Linux and Windows
3 Universities, colleges, academic institutes of technology
4 Environmental non-profit organizations
5 Governmental agencies, regulatory bodies, public hospitals, international organizations
6 Institutional licenses only